Changing your impressions while increasing your productivity…

BluVue from Lancer Orthodontics was developed with practical application in mind. We studied the processes involved in making high resolution dental impressions and addressed those areas that seemed to cause the most problems.

The result is the most precise, durable, easy-to-use product on the market, for the creation of reliable dental impressions. A simple combination of components in this three-part product will enable the most accurate indentation used in the treatment of your orthodontic cases. BluVue’s unique resin base formulation provides truly excellent quality for the Flash CT Scanning accuracy. Read on and discover what a difference this remarkable product can make in your practice today!

Features and Benefits…

  • High Definition Extremely Accurate Impression Material
  • Once Cured, Resistant to Deformation and Tearing
  • Simple to Mix, Easy to Use, with No Clean-up
  • Impressions once used can be re-poured and stored for up to 10 Years without degradation